Very early in my career I was lured by the exciting challenges of working with the disadvantaged communities to bring about some solid change in the lives of women who were struggling with not only the issues of survival but also had retarded self image and needed support for their development socially, emotionally and psychologically. As I saw the root causes of their subjugation in formal and non formal education which starts from year one in the life of a girl child I decided to work with women and children to develop an educational program that was empowering, responded to the realities of their lives and was relevant to their learning needs.

For over twenty years I have been working on various aspects of women’s adult education, formal and non formal elementary education and early childhood education. In the process I have analyzed policy, conducted academic, socioeconomic and action research, worked on alternative education, developed curricula and educational materials and aids, developed a new method of teaching literacy, designed and run community development programs, mobilized and organized communities, and participated in public-private partnership schemes. Not working on education in isolation, I also documented indigenous knowledge in agriculture and health and worked on issues around food security, invisibility of women farmers, disappearance of local cultures, hazards of chemical pesticides and promotion of biodiversity based ecological agriculture.

I have worked for over twenty years with the urban and rural communities and was able to witness visible change in their lives.

Now that I have gained some insights, I wish to share my learning with larger number of people who believe (and who don’t believe) in education that contributes in helping the disadvantaged help themselves and who believe in the wisdom of common women, men and children and their capacity to contribute in construction of knowledge.

This blog offers a forum to discuss and debate issues in policy, planning, programming and implementation. I would also be sharing my work done over the years.

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  1. Suchitra Rao says:

    Dear Nasira firstly I congratulate you on the great work that has been done with passion and commitment by Khoj and you over the last two decades in the field of education, rural health, women and farming pesticides and food security.

    The Blog is an excellent attempt by you and is definitely the right forum for debate, discussions on social/development issues, to share knowledge, views/opinions, learn from experiences across the globe and above all keep the spirit soaring.

    I will definitely share this with the fiends, colleagues and specifically India Literacy Project (that i am part of) an US and India based NGO that has been supporting education initiatives in India for the last 12 years focusing on access to schooling and education, pedagogy, assessing learning levels and competencies, advocacy with the state etc. ILP is developing a knowledge hub to share on various fronts on education and larger issues pertaining to children.

    Kudos to you again and wishing that many many communities and children benefit by this blog.

  2. asma sufi says:

    Nasira you are doing a great job, when my sister heard your name she was interested because somebody she knows in connection with her work in Development in Literacy said that she should meet this dynamic woman! I realize how dynamic it is after visiting your website and blog!

    Since you are on Fb it will be nice to stay in touch keep up the gr8 work

  3. Hi Nasira

    I have heard a lot about you in the education industry of Islamabad and always thought your NGO was based here. I was surprised to find your location in Lhr tonight after going through your Khoj website. I am keen to meet you sometime soon as I see a lot of common things between you and me. I am working for the education of young as well as adults. And another coincidence is that I am in to an organic fruit processing as well as a side business. Since your work expands into agriculture, I would love to meet you. Let me know if that,s possible. Thanks.

    Sadia Hussain

    • Nasira Habib says:

      Education industry………find the expression interesting. You heard about me but never saw me, it says something.

      It would be nice to meet up. Like people’s education, sustainable organic agriculture is my passion. We are concluding today a leadership and capacity building training for rural women.

  4. Mubashir Ahmed Malik says:

    You are doing commendable job. Allah bless you.

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